Our aero dynamically designed thermal lamination machines is ideal for quality oriented job works such as photographers, sweet box manufacturers, garment box manufacturers and other related units. We are using fluid heat control system with digitally heat controlling unit to provide our customers with the best result from our machine. This machine is not only compact but energy saving comparative to other machines. In this machine pre-gummed film is used  when it passes from digitally heated roller gum melts and film is laminated on the paper to provide the finest results

Lamination width24"30"36"42"
Max. Speed/Hr1800 Ft1800 Ft1800 Ft1800 Ft
Electric REQ1.5 HP2 HP2 HP3 HP
Film roll dia12"12"12"12"
Roller width26"32"38"44"
Weight approx.1200 kg1400 kg1600 kg1800kg
Film Lamination Machine thermal


  • Chromed bearing drive free gude rollers for wrinkle free jobs.
  • Wrinkle removal break.
  • Two unwinding station for strip lamination.
  • Film slitting attachment.
  • Adjustable adhesive tray.
  • Film roll movement adjustment upto 70mm.
  • Hard chromed rollers.
  • Ideal for sheet to sheet, reel to reel lamination.
  • Four film and six film attachments available optionally.
  • Digital sheet counter available optionally.

Heavy duty reel attachment upto 700 kgs. reel wt. available optionally

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