Exercise Notebook Spine Flatten Edge Squaring Press Hydraulic-PLC controlled

Add value to your finishing of Center Stitched/Sewn Magazines, Booklets, Exercise Notebooks, Balance Sheet etc.Exercise Notebook Spine Flatten Edge Squaring Press Hydraulic offered by Chetan Engineering works is a very useful machine to flatten the spine of the books, exercise notebook.Mainly the machine is used for flattening the back of the exercise notebooks


The book/exercise Notebook is hydraulically pressed by pressure plates to clamp the book/exercise Notebook, spine is pressed by hydraulic pressure (adjustable to suit paper used) which is controlled by PLC (Programmable Logic Control) that can be set to desired results.


The machine in Automation mode operate automatically, (a) first press the notebooks then the rollers flatten the edge, (b) the first press get released slightly and again presses the notebooks and the rollers again flatten the edge. This completes One Cycle. It hardly takes a few seconds.

book edge squaring machine
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