MACHINE  L X B X H :- 115in x 58in x 56in

Notebook Size Length :- 75 Cm max inc. A4 x 2 Nos.

Notebook cover size width :- 11” to 18” Adjustable.

Electric supply  –  220 AC Single Phase

Machine weight :- 750-800 Kgs.

Gross Weight :- 1500 -1600 Kgs.

Electric Motor Load :- 3  K.W.

Packing Box Size :- 124in x 66in x 64in

Stitching & Folding Capacity:- 2 mm to 12 mm

Stitching Wire:- 24 S.W.G.

Stitching Head Speed:- 300 Stitches Per Min.

Notebooks Output:-1200 – 2000 per Hour / Expandable.

Automatic Programmable Stitching and Folding Machine is designed especially for Notebook Copy Manufacturers to get the high Quality Stitching (Pinning) and Folding.

Automatic Stitching & Folding is done with Servo Controls with HMI Input Display with PLC Control.

High Quality Paper Sensors are used in this machine with Servo Stabilizer as a safety feature and long life of the Machine.

Salient Features :-

  1. Machine is done with paper sensor.
  2. Servo Stabilizer is provided with Machine for safety reasons.
  3. High Speed Stitching Head.
  4. Noiseless & Oil Free Compressor is provided with the machine.
  5. Long Life cutting Edge Technology.
  6. Automatic Stitches Gap Adjustment.
  7. Notebook Sizes programs saving options.
  8. Low Sound & Oil Free Conveyor.
  9. Low Sound & Oil Free Conveyor.
  10. Overall Operators Safety.
  11. Easy to Operate & comfortable operating.
Automatic Notebook Stitching
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