We CHETAN ENGINEERING WORKS. pleasure to introduce ourselves as quality manufacturers established since 1991. CHETAN ENGINEERING WORKS.

CHETAN’s manufacturing and marketing facilities are strengthened by a pool of dedicated, experienced and diversified workforce which competently and successfully implements management systems (TQM, 5S, KAIZEN,TPM ) in different work departments making CHETAN a reliable partner.

Chetan Engineering Works is featuring an exclusive range of complete Notebook manufacturing Machines Chetan Automatic Programmable Notebook(Copy) Stitching ,Folding and Back Squaring Machine and all kinds of Wire stitching Machines for books, copies, magazines, currency notes and for the Binding purpose to the international taste and standards.

We have an exceptional workmanship including a devoted team of engineers and marketing expert, firm quality control, first-rate quality produce in accordance with international standards competitive pricing, timely deliveries, customized packing and branding. Our Quality of products is confirmed by the international standards and we are successfully exporting them worldwide in countries like EUROPE, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Oman, Malaysia, Syria, Mauritius, Kenya, South Africa, Bangladesh, Nepal, Tanzania, Australia and more countries.

We are the Quality manufacturer in India to develop the precision Machines. Sizes:16mm, 25mm, 32mm, Wire stitching Machines, Perfect Book Binding Machine, Cover Creasing Machine, Perforation cum Creasing Machine, Sticker Half Cutting Machine, Loop Stitching Machine in the Single Head .

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